Monday, April 27, 2015

the life.

i just got off the phone with my dear friend, and our greatly appreciated egg farmer.  i refer to her in all her wonderousness on instagram.  she is the provider of all the freckled eggs, and all the beautiful flowers. fox belly farm is her home, jennifer is her name.  if you are in the portland area and want eggs and a warm, genuine interaction- find her on the facebook.

anyways, we were chatting about our days and planning out meeting up for my egg pick up tomorrow.  i mentioned that i was taking hazel to the children's museum mid day and we would try to catch her afterwards.  to which she giggled and said "you guys get to go on a lot of field trips, huh?"

yup.  that is my life.  one great field trip after another.  with out the teachers telling you not to do that and the school bus and the bagged lunch and the need to walk in a line quietly.  the best kind of field trips with the best of friends and their babes.


Friday, April 17, 2015

afternoon nap.

i've been toying with the idea of this blog.  to blog?  to not blog?  i have no idea.  instagram is so much easier.  a pretty picture, a few words, right on my phone.  but then i don't get all the good stuff out of my head.  which is why i started blogging to begin with, oh so many years ago.  i read so many wonderful blogs and think "well i sure don't have time to do it up that nice"  so then i don't .

today, as i got my little one dressed in some corduroy short pants, a green onsie, and a baseball cap, i thought "how many times will someone refer to her as a boy today?"  granted, by societies terms, yes- she is in "boy clothes."  but who determined what "boys" got to wear and what "girls" got to wear?  no one has EVER assumed that petunia (my  nick name for her) is a girl.  and i have also NEVER put her in pink.  except when she was a pig for halloween.  clothes are clothes and colors are colors.  they do not have a gender OR a sexuality.  it is SO much fun to dress a baby.  and while it is my say, i am going to dress her like the little hippie/farmer/child of this earth that she is.  and when she has a say?  who knows what she will choose.  i sure  hope it's not pink.

that is all.  happy sunny day in portland.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

hello out there!

hello.  anyone out there?  it's been quite some time since i have visited this little space of mine on the interweb.  feels like a life time has gone by.  i have been thinking of coming back and writing for months now.  the urge to write has been strong.  so have the excuses not to.
for starters, my laptop is half gone.  the screen was kneeled on by someone in this house that isn't me, about a year ago.  only about 1/3 of the screen is usable.  that same someone was kind enough to refurbish his old laptop for me to take over.  but.  it's not *my laptop*  the laptop that got me through grad school, that is home to nearly 10 years of photos, music, and random documents.  and it's not a mac.  this clunker has 6 mouse buttons.  yep.  6.  i just need one.  but there are 5 opportunities now for me to press the wrong one and have something weird happen.
instead of writing here, or writing in a journal, i've been writing in my head.  which is a lot of work, as there is not much room left in there these days.  plus, i can't remember it all!  i'd like a better/easier/prettier way of getting it all out of my brain.
i'd like to say that i will now use some nap times as a good space for mama to begin blogging again. there sure is a lot to talk about with a nearly 11 month old hanging off my hip.

Friday, September 6, 2013

no pictures... only words

i've got no pictures to post today.  but i do need to say this.  i had yesterday off.  and today.  that's right folks.  two days in a row.  first time since... april maybe?  a.m.a.z.i.n.g.  i am so ready for winter.  ready for peace, quiet, cozy time with friends.  some good old fashion nesting.  bring it, mother nature.  bring it.

this week, i have successfully put up a shit ton of food.  peach lemon jam, tomato jam, lots of pesto, and LOTS of homemade tomato sauce.  of which i put in whatever came out of the garden recently.  tomatoes, obviously, and shredded zucchini, onions, peppers, basil... just delicious homegrown veg.  i also bought myself a birthday present.  check this baby out.  5 whole trays of heirlooms being dried as i type this.  hell ya winter treats.

well that's all folks.  quick and dirty.  time to frost a birthday cake for book club.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

hello again

gosh ive been struggling with what to do with this blog.  because i clearly do not have the time to keep up with it.  so glad it is still here.  my summer looks like cashiering, cashiering, farming, cashiering, farming, farming, trying to clean my house.  that is literally it.  i had a minor melt down last week.  of which i think i worked through awfully well.  partially thanks to my husband who listened.  and insisted that i create a bubble diagram to empty my head.  which i haven't done yet.  but i plan to!

ultimately, i miss my life.  i miss my friends.  i miss having a cleanish house.  i miss walking arlo at a leisurely pace, i miss rocking out to npr and putzing around my house.  so much.  i miss days when i don't have to leave my house.  oh i long for those days.  yet at the same time, i do not want time to fly by.  so i now search for a way to yearn and be at the same time.

that is all.  good night!

Friday, June 28, 2013

leave a message after the beep...

i have been wildly unavailable these days.  i cannot believe that it has been nearly a month since ive been here.  it feels like a lifetime.  and in a way, it has been.  lots has happened, not all of which i am ready to talk about on here.  i will say this though- the work i have done over the past year and a half has paid off.  i have dealt with some tough stuff this month with out losing much perspective, shedding too many tears, or getting too down.  i am so grateful for the time i have had to read, think, talk, get poked with acupuncture needles, learn about myself, change careers, and feel loved.  learning how to make myself a priority in my life has paid off.  for. sure.

here is what has been going on, lot's of farming pictures, of course.  and a picture of pat hauling our strawberry filled wagon to visit our wedding tree.  feel free to follow me on instagram- that is where i have been these days.  it's fast.  and i can't get over the ability to make a photo look like it was taking 40 years ago :)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

unexpected day off.

i hope you aren't all sick of these farmy photos.  i can't get enough.  the farm and all of it's inhabitants are so darn photographable.  

thursday farming was cancelled today, i woke up to an email that our fearless farmer boss was sick.  my heart sunk.  and i quickly panicked and thought "well can i still go out to the farm?  just wander the fields?  check for new growth?"  instead, i am home.  forcing myself to appreciate the unexpected day off- as it is my first empty day in 3 or 4 weeks.
waking up and feeling that disappointment was a reassurance that i am on the right path.  because if i can be disappointed about not working in the cool oregon rainy sunny unpredictable spring, i know i am doing the right thing.  and that is a good thing.
my body is happy, my mind is happy.  things are settling in over here.  i *know* that all the work i have done inside and out over the past year has begun to pay off.  imbalances are less off kilter.  life is settling in and i'm open to what it will bring me this year.  i think it will be grand.

i thank mother nature for bringing these beautiful people into my life.  i love my farming family.