Saturday, April 13, 2013

new things.

i entered into 2013 hoping and wishing for new things to happen in our lives. i put a whole lot of hope and positive energy into the universe- knowing it would have to pay off eventually. well sure as shit (sorry!) after a miserable february and a mediocre march- april stormed in with two dreams coming true. i am now a cashier at new seasons market (a local food store) and a farmer! the transition has been exhausting, juggling last days of teaching with training days at new seasons and first days farming. things are starting to smooth out, slow down, and find a rhythm.


  1. new things are good, and those things could be anything . . .

  2. Where is that red door? I love that, it is beautiful. You are livin the dream, my friend.

    1. you didn't happen upon that door on your week long stay *there* last summer?