Monday, April 22, 2013

seasoned's spring issue is out!

oh hi!  i am so excited to announce that i finally gathered the courage to write a recipe down and submit it for publishing.  and i couldn't have found a better  quarterly to work with!  it was a little scary to send my recipe out into the world.  what if it doesn't taste good?  i mean, pat and i ate the heck out of it over and over again.  so it's gotta be good, right?

the quarterly is called 'Seasoned' and it. is. beautiful.  there is art that i want to tear out and line the walls of my house with, recipes that sound delicious- even if i won't eat them all, and stories that are so heartfelt and well written.  you can read all about it here.  julie, the editor of the quarterly, writes one of my favorite blogs.  she is real.  such a down to earth mama, cooker, farmer, woman.  i dig her and her perspective on this world.  and her photographs... they capture something special, that's for sure.

i bought the winter edition and knew that it was something grand, and i wanted to be a part of it.  i HIGHLY recommend buying the print edition, while it is a little more expensive, this is the kind of work that you want in your hands.  your computer will not do it justice.  with that said, but the digital if that's all you can afford.  here is julie's announcement of the spring edition, along with a giveaway!

you can go right here to preview and buy the quarterly.  i am on page 34- which just happen's to be my favorite number!

ok enough of my gushing, go buy your copy :)


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    1. Lindsey! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply!!! i haven't been in front of my laptop in days.... The recipe is for a Spelt Peach coffee cake- using last summer's canned peaches :)

      when i get my act together and some time away from my garden I will post the recipe on this here blog!

  2. Ordered print ... hmm maybe I can use my peaches to make this :) Sandra