Thursday, May 30, 2013

unexpected day off.

i hope you aren't all sick of these farmy photos.  i can't get enough.  the farm and all of it's inhabitants are so darn photographable.  

thursday farming was cancelled today, i woke up to an email that our fearless farmer boss was sick.  my heart sunk.  and i quickly panicked and thought "well can i still go out to the farm?  just wander the fields?  check for new growth?"  instead, i am home.  forcing myself to appreciate the unexpected day off- as it is my first empty day in 3 or 4 weeks.
waking up and feeling that disappointment was a reassurance that i am on the right path.  because if i can be disappointed about not working in the cool oregon rainy sunny unpredictable spring, i know i am doing the right thing.  and that is a good thing.
my body is happy, my mind is happy.  things are settling in over here.  i *know* that all the work i have done inside and out over the past year has begun to pay off.  imbalances are less off kilter.  life is settling in and i'm open to what it will bring me this year.  i think it will be grand.

i thank mother nature for bringing these beautiful people into my life.  i love my farming family.

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  1. Does seem my dear that you have found your hearts place ... so awesome !!