Thursday, August 22, 2013

hello again

gosh ive been struggling with what to do with this blog.  because i clearly do not have the time to keep up with it.  so glad it is still here.  my summer looks like cashiering, cashiering, farming, cashiering, farming, farming, trying to clean my house.  that is literally it.  i had a minor melt down last week.  of which i think i worked through awfully well.  partially thanks to my husband who listened.  and insisted that i create a bubble diagram to empty my head.  which i haven't done yet.  but i plan to!

ultimately, i miss my life.  i miss my friends.  i miss having a cleanish house.  i miss walking arlo at a leisurely pace, i miss rocking out to npr and putzing around my house.  so much.  i miss days when i don't have to leave my house.  oh i long for those days.  yet at the same time, i do not want time to fly by.  so i now search for a way to yearn and be at the same time.

that is all.  good night!


  1. There you are! I check on your blog frequently *just in case*
    Look at you with that baby goat - r u Kidding me?!?!

    You're beautiful.

    can't wait to see you in real life.

  2. You're gorgeous and amazing.